Study Permits

A study permit is granted by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to an international student to study in a Canadian University/College.

Student Direct Stream

The student direct stream provides a fast track process for students from few Asian countries to quickly avail the study permit and study in Canada.

Study Permit Extension

Canadian government is flexible to help international students to extend their study permit under some special considerations. 

Change of DLI

DLI basically means you can change your University/College that you originally applied and joined to another University/College within Canada.

On Campus Work

Canada’s immigration friendly policy allows post-secondary students to work on the campus of their school or learning institute, without having the need to apply for a work permit.

Work off Campus

As an international student is allowed to work off campus and you can work off campus provided you meet certain conditions. 

Coop Work Permit

Many colleges and educational institutions in Canada offer co-op or internship work programs for students to boost their knowledge and apply that knowledge in gaining real world industry

Spousal Work Permit

If you are an international student in Canada and you have your spouse or common-law partner living with you in Canada, they are eligible to work provided a work permit is approved.