On Campus Work

Canada’s immigration friendly policy allows post-secondary students to work on the campus of their school or learning institute, without having the need to apply for a work permit.

Following points list out the conditions for a student to be eligible for a on-campus work without having to need a work permit:

a. The student should have a valid study permit.
b. The student should be a full time post-secondary student at a public post-secondary school, private college level school or a Canadian private school.
c. The student must have a Social Insurance Number.
By working on the campus, it means to work at a location within the premises of the post-secondary school campus. In order to work in the campus of the school, the candidate must be enrolled in a full- time studies at the same school.
For a school with more than one campus within the same city, a student with valid study permit can work at any of the location.
For a school with multiple campuses in different cities, the student is eligible to work only in the campus where he or she is enrolled as a full-time student. However, the student can work on other locations if any of the following conditions are met:

  • He or She is working as a teacher or a research assistant.
  • The student is involved in research work, such as in a library, hospital or research facility.

Following list of employers can hire a student to work at any of school building:

  • Faculty member of the institution
  • Any student organization
  • The school or institution
  • The student himself (herself) in case he (she) is involved in self business.
  • Private business
  • Private contractor providing on campus services

Social Insurance Number
A SIN is a 9-digit number given by the Government of Canada. It makes the holder eligible to government benefits and services. To obtain a SIN for on-campus work, any of the following conditions should be met:
a. Meets eligibility criteria as per points f, v or w of Canadian immigration rule 186, to accept
employment in-campus or off-campus.
b. Doesn’t engage in any kind of off-campus employment in Canada.