The government of Canada allows change of University/College under designated Learning Institution (DLI). The DLI basically means you can change your University/College that you originally applied and joined to another University/College within Canada.

The criteria for transfer under Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is as follows:

  • You can create an account and easily apply for DLI.
  • You need to enter the basic details along with the study permit, student identification and DLI number along with the start date at the new school.
  • For security purposes the process involves a few questions will be asked you need to answer them.

How Our Process Helps You?

  • The entire process of DLI is simple and easy.
  • We can help you go online, create an account, and submit the details as required.
  • The approval is also granted online, and it can be tracked.
  • We have helped many students with change of designated Learning Institution.
  • At the end of the day continuation of education is paramount
  • We can walk that extra mile for you to ensure DLI process is complete and successful.