Canadian government is flexible to help international students to extend their study permit under some special considerations. You can always apply for the study permit in case your education is not completed, provided you meet certain criteria.

The criteria for extending/renewing your study permit is as follows:

  • You can apply online to extend your study permit.
  • You need to submit accompanying documents supporting your extension request.
  • There is a complete document checklist [IMM 5555) that will provide you complete information on documents to be submitted.
  • You can upload the forms online, answer certain questions to fulfil the criteria.
  • There is a processing fee associated with the extension of the study permit.
  • The entire process of submission and tracking of the status of the extension request can be tracked online.

How Our Process Helps You?

  • Since we have helped numerous students will the submission of the application for study permit extension.
  • We can guide you correctly and appropriately leading to extension approval.
  • Our team of dedicated student specific experts will help you under the regulations and processes so that the extension request is successful.
  • We make sure the genuine request for extension is conveyed to the relevant authorities to facilitate careful evaluation leading to extension of study permit.
  • Our sole purpose and objective is to ensure you the student get the approval for the extension so that you can complete your studies.
  • The empathy and compassion is what we believe and stand for as your education and future is at stake.