Ontario is at the heart of Canadian economy. The capital of Canada, Ottawa and the largest city, Toronto, both are located in Ontario. Located on the east-central Canada bordering U.S. and the great lakes.

Ontario always welcomes immigrants with skills, experience, expertise, and specific domains. The Ontario Immigrant Nomination Program (OINP) is designed to provide nomination to foreigners which will lead to applying for permanent Canadian residence.

How We Go About Doing It?

The following are the categories under which OINP applications are accepted:

Human Capital Category – This category has two sub-categories, the International Graduate Stream and Ontario Express Entry Steam:

  • International Graduate Stream: This consists of two streams – Graduate and PhD Graduate Stream and a candidate must have a graduate degree from an Ontario university and should apply within two years of acquiring the degree.

Ontario Express Entry Stream: This stream is further divided into three sub streams:

  • French speaking skilled worker stream – Besides from French speaking the other criteria is experience, education and English proficiency is also required.
  • Human Capital Priorities – Skilled workers qualify under this stream with education and experience and language proficiency in French and English.
  • Skilled Trades Stream – This is designed for those workers with work experience in Ontario in a recognized trade.

How Our Process Helps You?

  • We meticulously study and analyze your career profile ensuring it matches the eligibility criteria of OINP.
  • We guide you with a customized, comprehensive checklist of documents required.
  • A step-by-step process is formulated from nomination process, submission of application, documents.
  • The terms and conditions are explained to clearly to make sure you understand the entire process.
  • From eligibility to submission of applications forms, we help you step-by-step ensuring complete transparency at every level.