The Nova Scotia Province is located in the eastern part of Canada and its capital is Halifax. Nova Scotia is one of the most populated provinces from among the four Atlantic Provinces. It is known for its art, culture and scenic beauty and food.

Nova Scotia offers provincial nomination certificate through Nova Scotia Nomination Program (NSNP) for skilled and experienced professionals desirous of seeking immigration.

How We Go About Doing It?

The following are the various categories that NSNP offers for immigrants:

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream – This stream is directly linked to Canadian government express entry program. Highly skilled professionals with deep domain expertise in specialized field are eligible in this category

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry Stream – The experience express entry stream is similar demand express entry stream wherein skilled professionals along with working experience in Nova Scotia are eligible to apply under this stream

Skilled Worker Stream – All those skilled professionals with a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer are eligible to apply under this stream

Occupation In Demand Stream – As the very name defines, this category is exclusively for those individuals who posses high-demand skills as required. This stream is focused on jobs under National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Entrepreneur Stream – This stream is specifically for those individuals who are desirous of setting up a business or acquiring a business in Nova Scotia province

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream – This category is exclusively for those individuals who have studied in Nova Scotia University, ran a business for any one year and desirous of settling down in Nova Scotia

How Our Process Helps You?

  • Whichever the category or stream we study analyze and guide you to the appropriate category quickly and easily.
  • Our experts have a thorough understanding of the job market of Northwest Territory, the current market trends and help you complete the process.
  • In case if you are an entrepreneur with an intention to set up business in Nova Scotia, we guide you with not only the visa processing but also with identifying the business line.
  • We carry out thorough and in-depth analysis of your professional background and guide you to migrate in appropriate category.