As per Canada immigration laws, an individual from any international territory or country is eligible to work in Canada temporarily through the work permit. Given below are 4 instances where the worker is required to extend or modify his/her work permit:

  1. When the job profile of the individual has changed or the contract period is increased, he/she is required to apply for an extension or change in work permit conditions before the permit expires.
  2. When the individual gets a new job, a fresh application should be submitted for a new work permit.
  3. When the worker intends to live and work in Canada permanently, he/she should follow existing rules for the application of Canada’s permanent residence.
  4. When the worker leaves Canada temporarily, he/she is given permission to arrange for their work permit extension, in order to resume work on return to Canada. Following are possible outcomes for an individual’s work permit:
  • The worker permit extension is under process, the individual should enter Canada as a visitor and would not be allowed to work until processing is complete.
  • The permit extension is accepted, and the worker can work immediately on entering Canada.
  • The work permit extension is rejected, and the worker applies for a new work permit.