The western province of Canada – British Columbia is known for its nature like Glacier National Park, Ski resort. It is the third-most populous province, and the largest city is Vancouver. Considered one of the most stunning places in Canada, it is known for natural resources, forests, and mountains.

This beautiful place, British Columbia offers BC PNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program). People desirous of seeking permanent residency must be experienced, and skilled in specific areas needed.

How We Go About Doing It?

The process begins with British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate which allows you to apply for Canada permanent residence

We help you understand the various streams of British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate (BC PNP)

The two major categories/streams are:

  • Express Entry BC (EEBC) – Skilled workers in various domain gain express entry through this stream. In order to qualify under this category, you must have a job offer from BC employer. This entry connects you to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) express entry system
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Under this stream, those entrepreneurs with necessary domain expertise, knowledge and experienced who can contribute to the province economic growth with innovation are eligible to apply

We at V9 Immigration carry out in-depth analysis of your expertise and skills and advise you to apply under these two streams

How Our Process Helps You?

  • The crucial factor under these two streams are the skills you possess and the entrepreneur abilities we guide you to the best suited stream
  • We help you understand the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) express entry system completely so that you are in consonance with the requirements
  • We carry out the analysis required to help you fit into the entrepreneur immigration stream ensuring you meet the necessary criteria
  • The end-to-end process is handled by our immigration experts with deep domain expertise in both the streams
  • With our expert guidance, rest assured, you can stay focused on your regular work while we take care of the entire process