More often than not, Visa under any category/stream can be refused for various reasons. But there is always a glimmer of hope and a window of opportunity, and that is an Appeal. There is a process to be followed to appeal for a visa rejection.

The following is the criteria and process to appeal when a visa is refused:

  • You can submit a format application within the 30 days
  • Making an appeal to the Case Processing Center
  • Appeal to the Canadian Immigration Adjudication Division
  • Appeal to the federal court in Canada
  • Request for a re-assessment to the government

How Our Process Helps You?

  • Since this is completely a difference case as it involves making an appeal to an appropriate authority, we deal with it with utmost care
  • We have processed many appeals successfully for many individuals and families wherein the appeal has been approved
  • We follow the complete guidelines as laid down and process the appeal appropriately
  • We carefully analyze the completely documentation submitted during application processing and see if there are any discrepancies in it and fix it
  • We appeal to the right authority at the right time to ensure the appeal has a chance for approval
  • The entire process will be completely transparent, and we keep you updated on all the developments
  • Our deep experience has shown that appeals have been successfully approved by the relevant authorities if processed correctly and accurately
  • We have a high percentage of visa refused applications approved