Quebec is one of the largest provinces in Canada, with its capital being Montreal. Montreal is one of the finest cities not just in Canada but in the world. Montreal is a major contributor to Canada’s economy as most technology companies are located in Montreal.

Quebec also offers immigration for foreign skilled and experienced individuals, and this is taken care of by the Quebec’s Immigration Ministry.

How We Go About Doing It?

The following are the categories under which Quebec Immigration Program is offered:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program – The criteria for selection under this category are education, expertise, experience, language proficiency and how the individuals will contribute to the economy of Quebec.

Quebec Business Immigration – This category is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed individuals who can set up business in Quebec and contribute to the economy of the province.

Quebec Experience Program – This is defined for those skilled, and experienced professionals with domain expertise in specific areas desirous of making their home in Quebec.

How Our Process Helps You?

  • V9 Immigration consulting services works with all foreign nationals to help them identify their core skills, expertise and exposure in specific domain and migrate to Quebec.
  • We go about meticulously with in depth study, analysis of each category and guide you to the best, right-fit stream, and process applications accordingly.
  • Our end-to-end, comprehensive process enables you to apply for the right category so that entire process of applying and following the procedures becomes seamless.
  • Our time-tested methodology ensures you follow the laid down process till you reach Quebec.
  • The complete process at V9 Immigration is managed transparently and seamlessly.
  • Rest assured, we help you by taking care of all requirements, while you can stay focussed on your core activities.